Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club

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Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club

P.O. Box 2084

Grand Rapids, MI  49503-2084

To email any contact below, simply click on their name. Members can also access other member's full profile under the Members Only Tab (and then Directory option).

Carla (Mercer) Forslund, President

Tracy Achterhof, Vice President

Diana Scott, Chair of the Board

Clare Vredeveld, Secretary and Social Activities Director

Barb Harvey, Chief Financial Officer

Nichole Clayton, Treasurer  

Denise Symons, Membership Director

Lynne Black, Communications Director

     Margaret McCreery, Newsletter Editor*

     Lisa Herrick, Facebook Editor*  ljherrick@yahoo. com 

Blake Forslund, Advertising/Publicity Director

Dorothy Switek, Co-Trip Director - Out of State

Lori Vugteveen, Co-Trip Director - Out of State

Ed Kisscorni, Trip Director - International

Karen Hartley, Trip Director - Michigan

     Shirley Nevins, Park and Rides*

Steve Blackport, Bus Trip Co-ordinator

John Zadvinskis, Activity & Cross Country Director

* Non-Board members but very hard working volunteers

Greater Grand Rapids Ski Club, P.O. Box 2084, Grand Rapids MI 49503-2084

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